Luis Guggenberger (ex Industrial Light and Magic, Trixter) is at the top of his game in the Concept Art for Film world. Most recently one of the Lead Artist team on Star Wars in London, and now based in Munich working for exciting indie crossover titles, Luis is a master in 3D and 2D. His ideas have a remarkable way of making their way directly from the page to the big screen, notably for The Last Jedi, Solo and Independence Day: Resurgence. We know he's currently waiting for approval on some amazing content for you - and we can't wait!



Jenny Beavan (OBE) is at IW 2018, adding to what is already a stellar female lecture line up. Nine times Oscar nominated (twice winning), BAFTA laureate, Tony laureate, and all-round-awesome-character, Jenny visited our stage a couple of years back and gave us seldom seen insights into the world of costume design. With the most amazing career spanning projects as diverse as Howard’s Way and Max Max: Fury Road she has had a truly unique career and it’s going to be a packed lecture for sure. Join us in August!


After taking some of this guy's awesome automotive Gumroad Tutorials, and witnessed his amazing eye for industrial detail, we've been keen to get him in front of our attendees. First and foremost, Mike Jelinek is an uber talented designer working for established auto, film and product brands. Secondly, he's a man with a big interest in the future. Bringing his new skillset to IW, Mike will introduce us to the world of VR prototyping in Gravity Sketch, bringing that into Luxion KeyShot and giving it the final touches in 2D. Adding him to an already super talented team in our VR areas is a great pleasure, and as always - we hope to see you there too!




All the way from Belgrade to the stage in London, Sava Zivkovic taking us into a story of giving it all for his passion. Sava is a CG Artist-turned-Director who through breakout personal projects has forged a professional career doing what he loves (in conjunction with Glasgow based Axis Animation.) From AAA games to IPs to all things CG, we’ll see how he shaped his future for the better. Grab your tickets!



Environments. Vehicles. Mechs. Characters. Weapons. Clean linework. Marketing illustrations. Drawing, oil and gouache painting. Creating tangible worlds of immersion -  he can do it all (and it's kind of annoying). Adrian's passion for design has taken him on a journey all over the world - from California, to Iceland, to Shanghai, to finally, Seattle. He began his career at CCP Games, helping to refine the aesthetics of EVE Online and its first person shooter spin-off DUST 514, then helped establish the visual world of Destiny and Destiny 2. 


With over 10 years of industry experience, his skill set and has contributed to a wide variety of iconic imagery in modern gaming. Whether he executes his concepts free hand, or through the employment of 3D programs, Adrian's lecture and demo of his thought process will be illuminating and probably filled with bad puns and dad jokes. His love for science fiction and its mysteries, combined with on-target design sense, shines through his work - and is not to be missed!