Whoah! What’s that sound? Could it be the call of the elusive creature artist, letmetellyousomecoolanimalfactswaitwhereareyougoing magnificus?


Sam Santala is a professional concept artist who designs fantastical characters and monsters for a wide variety of media. Currently a senior concept artist at Rare Ltd, Sam has also worked on games such as League of Legends or Might & Magic, as well as having his work featured in award winning publications such as Spectrum Fantastic Art.


Sam will be taking a break from his busy schedule of tea drinking and monster hunting to come demo for us this year. His demo will shed light on the topic of mythological creature depictions, casting out chimeric renditions in favour of believable design backed by a modern understanding of animal anatomy. 


This demo is sure to be full of teeth, claws, and scales - don’t forget to bring a sturdy set of armour and loads of healing potions!