Rich Carey is a freelance concept artist who specialises in characters & creature design, spending much of his professional life working in the video games industry. He has consumed his own weight in overtime food having worked on several AAA titles and indie projects (including the Total War: WARHAMMER series). He has a breadth of experience in crafting memorable, unique designs with a strong sense of flair that is consistent throughout his work.

Rich utilises his unique blend of strong draughtsmanship skills, a mastery of anatomy, an interest in asian culture and artistic styles, and a love for the natural world to create vibrant monsters, creatures and characters that are instantly loved and recognisable. He has watched more anime than he has read books, and if you’re an artist of his calibre then that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

With these strong fundamentals, Rich’s designs are not only well grounded and believable, but place him a class ahead of other artists working in the concept art field. During his demo you will see how Rich creates his designs from the ground up, from initial sketch to final design, and will happily answer questions along the way. You can expect his demo to be colourful and vibrant!