Like trying to describe the product of a black market gene splicing experiment between Lucio Fulci, Ridley Scott and David Cronenberg gone horribly wrong (someone dropped psilocybin in the test tube), the remarkable worlds of Decadence Comics defy all bad similes. Reptilian Wizards march eternally through fractalised Grecian wastelands, barbarised by armies of the medieval Un-Dead aeons ago…Curious pantheistic beings exchange unknowable thoughts…Bipedal mutants of an unknown dimension rapidly corrode into dust…A man of inhuman scale topples steadily into a troop of futuristic proboscidean conscripts, guns blazing. And that’s just one comic! Catch Dave (Lando) at his booth and make sure to pick up a print or two…


Richard Burns

Industry Workshops Studios LTD, 51 Clarkegrove Rd, Sheffield, S10 2NH, United Kingdom