Environments. Vehicles. Mechs. Characters. Weapons. Clean linework. Marketing illustrations. Drawing, oil and gouache painting. Creating tangible worlds of immersion -  he can do it all (and it's kind of annoying). Adrian's passion for design has taken him on a journey all over the world - from California, to Iceland, to Shanghai, to finally, Seattle. He began his career at CCP Games, helping to refine the aesthetics of EVE Online and its first person shooter spin-off DUST 514, then helped establish the visual world of Destiny and Destiny 2. 

With over 10 years of industry experience, his skill set and has contributed to a wide variety of iconic imagery in modern gaming. Whether he executes his concepts free hand, or through the employment of 3D programs, Adrian's lecture and demo of his thought process will be illuminating and probably filled with bad puns and dad jokes. His love for science fiction and its mysteries, combined with on-target design sense, shines through his work - and is not to be missed!