For our second fantastic collab, grab your adventuring rucksack, tie those shoelaces well, and don’t forget to a pack a tasty sandwich or two - it’s time for a journey into the wilderness of the mind!

Iris and Angi, both wonderfully whimsical artists in their own right, will be joining forces this year to deliver an illuminating lecture on creating art that resonates with your audience. Every one of us carries with them their own unique tastes, experiences, and ideas they have gathered over time. Being aware of the potential of our individual traits as artistic tools, and applying them to our work mindfully, enables us to strike the metaphorical match and enkindle the emotions of our viewers. 

Break out some marshmallows and gather around the campfire, our two seasoned explorers will definitely have some stories to tell! 

(Seriously though, no actual campfires at the venue please.)