We have a few traditions at IW. Beer, coffee, food, and a big ol RANT by resident angry man Mike Hill. These are always a highlight of the event and highly amusing. Watch a fairly relaxed Mike get more and more wound up about something as simple as a chair and have you leave the event feeling smarter for it.

Mike Hill Design Director at Blur Studios - ex Creative Director of Karakter Design Studio. Clients include Warner Brothers, Activision, HBO, Netflix, Blur Studios. Production Designer - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Concept Designer Blade Runner 2049- other stuff too :)

Ranting about Design. Will probably get angry. Will probably bang on about metaphors, visual storytelling, narrative themes, mythology, neuroscience, psychology and a load of other pretentious bollocks.

Audience Take-away: 
This guy rants a lot. He also seems quite angry. I wonder why anyone hires him.