You've seen his work though you may not have noticed, thats the power of Matte painting the unseen art. At this years IW you will very much see Maxx Burman, live, on a stage, with a microphone. During his talk Maxx will dive into being successful as an artist, including the quick and simple rules of business, looking for creative fulfillment in the wrong places, and the importance of Integrity. A lot of these lessons are hard one's to learn but are arguably the defining factor of whether or not an artist succeeds in the entertainment industry.

Maxx Burman is an art director and matte painter who's spent the last 10 years designing compelling worlds for blockbuster films and video games.

His work can be seen in films such as Iron Man, Godzilla, Her, shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld and Walking Dead, and game franchises like League of Legends, Destiny, Far Cry and Titanfall.

Beyond his AAA work, he's also created the indie game Sleep Tight, taught classes with Learn Squared and co-founded the online store KitBash3d.