Jama Jurabaev is the closest you can experience within the Concept Art world to a force of nature. Hailing from what is now known as modern Tajikistan (a melting pot forged within the cultural fires of Central Asia - from the brutal Mongols to the mighty Soviets), Jama’s work is varied in form, medium and approach, but remains true to his roots - resourceful, dedicated and always pushing what it means to be modern.

Like all great artists he is also wildly prolific and hard to pigeonhole. Listing his clients and successful projects is necessary (ILM, LucasfilmMPCFramestoreMarvel, Legendary, Warner Bros. EntertainmentLearn Squared…) but what is really interesting - and what we all want to talk about - is what he’s going to do next. How he’s going to change the rules of the game. Again. What will Concept Art look like tomorrow? Chances are Jama is planning it today. And he’s back at IW. Awesome.