Just when you thought this lineup couldn’t possibly get any better, the team have managed to lure a mythical pond creature from its watery lair and convince it to lecture for us! Well...sort of.

Iris Muddy is a visual development and concept artist working in games and animation. Her immense enthusiasm for storytelling and adventure emanates from her work; a world in which mysterious mermaids, feisty mushroom sprites, and seafaring elephants dance across the canvas in colourful splendour.

Iris’ lecture this year will certainly make a splash, aiming to help us understand the basic artistic principles behind creating appeal in our art - knowledge essential to artistic growth. Although taste is subjective, the interplay between factors such as shape, rhythm, and contrast play a large part in determining whether or not an artwork is seen as universally attractive, no matter the genre.

This lecture is bound to be worth its weight in goldfish - oar your Muddy back!