You roll a natural 20! You hit for critical damage and slay the mighty _________________?

Let's paint that fantasy creature with Henrik Rosenborg!

Henrik will offer an insight into his process and methods for coming up with his crazy dnd inspired creatures and show us how he brings them to life. Make sure to crowd around him at the IW Demo area to roll some D20's and talk fantasy.

Henrik Rosenborg is a freelance illustrator hailing from the cold forests of Sweden.
As a youth he was an avid player of roleplaying games and took a great interest in the nordic folklore, giving him a steady base of creatures and beings that he breathes life into with his own twist, pushing the fantastic into the previously unimagined.
Most of his freelancing have been done for many TCGs such as Dragonborne by Bushiroad and Cryptozoic Entertainment's Hex: Shards of Fate.

As a roleplayer, Henrik prefer to lead rather than simply play, with a burning passion for telling stories and weaving immersive experiences, something that shows in his artwork.
It was a particular book cover ("Snösaga") by Paul Bonner, a great source of inspiration for him, that sparked his drive to illustrate fantastic scenes for a living. Ever since then his life has been lead by a desire to create and explore worlds no one has seen, but in his mind's eye. This has been the driveing force behind his latest project named simply "Ö".