He’s back, and he’s beardier than ever!

Devin Platts is an illustrator and concept artist who has been working in the games industry for nearly 10 years now, contributing to titles for companies such as Gameloft and Hi-Rez studios.

Devin's intrepid use of vivid color and light is equally matched by the sincerity of what he chooses to portray, placing emphasis on cultivating a sense of playfulness and childlike wonder that makes you wish you could jump right into the page. You can see this best in his recent Mailgoat series, a collection of 300 colorful paintings and sketches chronicling the journeys of a goat postman as he delivers letters to animals around the world.

We’re looking forward to his demo again this year, which will be sure to include a whole bunch of wonderfully quirky creations - and maybe a caprid courier or two!