We’re delighted to be welcoming some fresh new faces to the workshop this year to celebrate the beauty of stylized art!

Angi Pauly Llobet was raised amongst the lush greenery and vibrant wildlife of the Costa Rican rainforest, soaking up an appreciation of nature that would form the basis for her charming work. From sculpture and ceramics to textile art, painting, and animation, Angi’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to choosing a medium.

Angi will be showing us how to nurture the seed of the artistic mind, helping it flourish into a lush garden of inspiration and opportunity. By being open to new experiences and unusual settings, we can use our own unique perceptions of the world to help sprout new ideas for our art. Angi will also share with us her experiences on creating projects inspired by her travels, and how muses can often be found in the most unexpected of places.