We are honoured to welcome a very special guest to the workshop this year: Katrina van Grouw, a name that may be familiar to the creature design aficionados out there!

Katrina is best known for her work as author and illustrator of the acclaimed avian anatomy book “The Unfeathered Bird”; her second publication, “Unnatural Selection”, is currently awaiting release in June, and will explore evolution through the lens of selective breeding of animals. Not only is Katrina a highly skilled artist, she is also a self-taught scientist and expert in ornithology. 

This year, Katrina will be gracing the workshop with a lecture on Avian Anatomy and Function, giving insight into the structure of birds from beak to wings to toes, and arming us with the knowledge to create believable avian creature designs. 


We have a feeling this is going to be rhea-lly great - come take a gander or you might just egret it!