Maintaining a Franchise: Cross-Project Technical Art on Total War

Mattias is a Technical Artist currently working with Creative Assembly on the Total War series, specifically dedicated to the Total War: Arena project. Having previously worked on titles such as Divinity: Original Sin and Farming Simulator, he has been supporting the Total War games since his arrival at CA in January of 2016. Throughout his career, he has primarily focused on the technical aspect of art production for video games, and remains fascinated by pipeline development.

  • Topic: Programming, Technical Art, Production
  • Format: Presentation
  • Intended Audience: Intermediate



This talk will delve into the various aspects of Technical Art on Total War; how we approach project-agnostic pipeline development, while simultaneously dealing with day-to-day project-specific requests. It will also touch on best practices and lessons we’ve learned from our past projects, and what steps we’re taking to make our conventions and practices even more future-proof. Lastly, we’ll talk about inter-department and inter-project communication when handling artist and programmer requests. This talk is intended for developers of every level of experience.

Audience Take-away:

Attendees will learn ways to approach project-agnostic art pipeline maintenance - this includes ways of facilitating communication between artists and programmers, as well as how to set up and enforce conventions that keep your repository clean. Lastly, we will suggest some approaches that improve the flexibility and sustainability of any production, based on our experience.

Image Credit: Pavel Zayats, Wargaming.