Industry Workshops has an advisory board that informs and guides the content for each years event. These seasoned professionals volunteer their time every year to bring the best and most relevant industry standard content to our attendees. They work tirelessly to ensure only the highest quality content is accepted and that there is always something to learn and takeaway from every session on the schedule.



Started his career in 3D modelling and Architecture, and upon relocation to London began to hone his skills on physical environment and product design for clients such as Audi, Land Rover, Dior, Nicholas Kirkwood, Versace, The V&A, Converse and many more.

Most recently Richard is involved in further exploring larger lighting and architectural projects alongside 3D modelling and visualisation, short films and visual effects.



Started honing his craft as a concept artist working for Opus artz on many AAA game projects such as Tom Clancy's The Division.

He later joined the EVE Online art team at CCP Games in Reykjavik, Iceland working on many of the ship and environment concepts that have brought life to the desolate Universe of EVE.

Most recently Daniel is exploring the challenges of the film industry with TRIXTER in Munich, Germany.





Started his career working on the critically acclaimed MMO EVE Online by CCP Games.

Over his 10 year career he has worked on  a wide range of projects and teams within the audio, art and engine aspects of game development.

This broad exposure and experience has instilled a passion for improving process and nurturing collaborative team atmospheres.

Ben is currently the Senior Development Manager for the Audio & Graphics group within the EVE Online project.




Started his career as a tutor at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) teaching classical drawing and oil painting.

Eventually getting a foot in the industry as a Concept Artist At Opus Artz, working for 3 years on AAA Titles Such as the Division, Hitman and Mafia 3.

After 3.5 years there, and becoming a Senior Alex is now pursuing a career in Freelance illustration working for Riot Games and Stunlock Studios among others.

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Katie began her career working in mobile game development with Lucid Games Ltd. whilst studying Game Art Design at De Montfort University.

Since then, she has worked freelance on games, live-action/feature films, TV series and commercials; creating concept art, digital matte paintings, pre-visualisation, 3D models and renders, illustrations and VR experiences.
Katie has previously worked as a Concept Artist on Black Mirror with Painting Practice, and Ready Player One with Framestore Art Department. 

She currently works in Creature FX at Framestore.

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